Since 1987, AL MASMOUM GROUP is manufacturing quality cosmetic and perfume products. Today, the group launch a new perfume concept store, AQUA D’OR, to share with perfume business lovers their know-how and experience of the global market.

Modern perfume shop

AQUA D’OR is a modern perfume chain store for wholesale and retail customers. Whether you are a fragrance lover or maker, it does not matter. AQUA D’OR offers high quality fragrance to inspire and beautify your world.

Passionate & inspired

Our mission is to deliver to our customers the perfect fragrance matching the market request. Each product is the result of a strong collaboration with a perfumer from France and market analysis. In an ever-changing world, we stand for always offering trendy fragrances and popular products.


AQUA D’OR is constantly researching and following up the global perfume trends in order to provide to each customer advices and special selection of products according to their market and vision.